Sunday, March 13, 2011


Ever wished you could walk through the set of Lord of The Rings?

Ever wished you could play in places where fairy tales comes alive?

Ever wished you could step into a different world?

Ever wished you could breath in the freshest cold mountain air?

Wake up, and stop wishing. The time for your journey to start has come. Wait no longer, for the good things only come to those who takes the first step out.

MOUNT IRAUThe land of mossy forest and misty wonders.  Let your imagination run free on the 15th highest peak in Malaysia. 

Limited places available. Let your wishes come true and register now.
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Deuter Traveller Backpack 80 + 10 L

Wanted: comfortable to carry suitcase with space for all items needed for a long-distance trip. Answer: The new design Traveller is an easy to use travel pack, versatile for long-distance trips. The u-shaped zip opens up fully for suitcase-style access to the main compartment; alternatively, the divider can be closed off leaving two separate compartments. ideally suited to those spontaneous purchases that necessitate more space with their large EXP zipped volume expansion bellows.

- Stowable Vari-Quick concealable carrying system
- Three carry handles
- Shoulder straps
- Anatomically shaped hipbelt
- Contoured hip fins
- U-Shaped YKK zip for suitcase-style access
- Luggage stabilisers inside 
- Large dividable main compartment
- Large detachable and drink system-compatible (sold separately) daypack
- Daypack YKK zip-off and expandable with ventilated pack and valuables pocket
- Alternatively a divider can be zipped in and the bottom compartment loaded separately
- Internal compression flaps
- Compression straps
- Zipped mesh pockets
- Durable materials
- Capacity 80 + 10 L + 18 L daypack

- Concealable back system with Vari-Quick, X-frame and anatomically formed hip belt to carry heavy loads comfortably. A well-defined hip belt will be able to defray the heavy load.
- U-shaped zip opens the main compartment fully to be used as a drawer. Alternatively a divider can be zipped in and the bottom compartment loaded separately: Just like your cupboards.
- Large detachable daypack with ventilated back, valuables pocket inside and hydration system holster: Can put in your hydration bladder. Also a mobile day-pack.
- Luggage stabilisers inside: to maintain a well balance
- Several zipped mesh pockets: To organize all your essentials items.
- Compression straps: A wonderful way to shrink the bulk back to size to fit narrow and small places.
- Three grab handles: Whichever way you grab it will be there as in 3D.
- Shoulder strap: When you decide not to grab and drag but to hang.
- Wet pocket! To store your not yet dry stuff or your wet things or otherwise.

Capacity: 80 + 10 L + 18 L daypack
Weight: 3450 g
Dimensions: H 79/W 43/D 40 cm
Materials: Macrolite/Duratex
Colours: titan/anthracite

Price: RM700

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lightning Safety Guidelines

Lightnings and thunderstorms has always been one of the worries or risk of camping and hiking outdoors. In order for us to ensure we have a save and memorable outing, here are some guidelines to follow when you encounter a thunderstorm or lightning during your activities. 

- Adapted from the NOLS Wilderness Educator Notebook

The best way to be safe in an electrical storm is to avoid being in the situation. Open high areas are the most vulnerable spots! But that doesn't mean you should never summit a peak or enjoy a game of football in an open field. It just means, you check the weather forecast before heading out. is a good source for weather forecasts in Malaysia. Also plan your trip as quite often, especially in the Klang Valley, its pours down after 4pm. If you know there's some weather coming in, the basic rule is, avoid open high areas!

An example of open high areas:
Bukit Tabur
Broga Hill

The Lightning Position
If you happen to be caught out in the open in an electrical storm, get into the Lightning Position. The Lightning Position is a squatting position. If you can, keep your feet together and wrap your arms around your legs, so you don't create potential for current flow from the ground in one foot and out the other. This also adds enough comfort that you will choose to hold the position longer. Close your eyes. The Lightning Position will reduce the chances of getting a direct strike as you have decreased your height.

Lightning Positions

What NOT to do:
  • Don't sit on backpacks as items in packs might be a conductor or the pack itself comes with aluminium frames.
  • Don't lie on the ground (in a prone position). While that position is lower, being spread out increases potential for ground current to flow through or across you.
  • Don't be in contact with wet ropes.
  • Don't be bare footed. Rubber soles on your shoes are additional insulators.
  • Don't get into tents. Tents won't protect you. Make sure your tent is pitched on a safer terrain to avoid ground currents. If you are in the tent already, get into the Lightning Position.
  • Don't stay at cave entrances – Small overhangs can allow current to cross bridging the gap between ceiling and floor. If you are stopped waiting for others near an entrance, assume the Lightning Position.
  • Don't stay under a lone tree (there was a recent incident in the east coast where many cows died of a lightning strike because they were tied to a lone tree).
A dangerous close strike actually offers a moment of opportunity to move, while the electrical field rebuilds itself. Unless there is a safer terrain or structure several seconds away, wait in the Lightning Position. Many people have died while upright and walking to safer terrain, but no one has died while stopped in the lightning position.

If you are in a group in an open area, distance yourself at least 50 feet apart to reduce the chances of multiple injuries.
Distance yourself if you are in a group

Clues to Lightning occurring:
  • If you hear thunder (which means lightning is 1-15km away). Use the 3 sec/km flash-bang rule to measure the distance of a lightning.
  • If you feel hairs on your head, leg or arms tingling and standing on end, you are in an extremely high electric field. Instantly drop and move away from packs, spread out and assume the Lightning Position.
  • Smelling ozone, one of the chemical products of point discharge in air. Ozone has an irritating , acrid “swimming pool” smell.
  • Check the weather forecast before heading to the outdoors.
  • Plan your trip, so you do not get caught off guard from bad weather.
  • If caught during an electrical storm, assume the Lightning Position.
  • Unless there is a safer terrain or structure several seconds away, wait and maintain the Lightning Position.
  • If in a group, distance yourselves at least 50ft apart.
  • Once electrical storm passes, get to safer terrain.
  • If you are in a group walking in high open terrain, do a drill with the group. Just like CPR, emergency actions are best learned in the kinesthetic mode.
  • The Lightning Position will reduce the chances of getting a direct strike and it may reduce the other effects of lightning, but it offers no guarantees, but some argue that it is much more valuable because the data says that no one in this position has ever been hurt.

    Remember, check the weather forecast when planning your outing to avoid getting caught in a tight situation.
    For weather forecast in Malaysia, visit

    * Credits to Learning Adventures ( for this article.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Coleman Tent

 Looking for a tent that shields you from the rain and keeps you cool under the hot weather? OAM proudly introduces a tent that is tailor-made for camping in nature, one that suits the Malaysian rainforests perfectly.


A light weight 4 person tent for camping

  • Weather TEC System – Guaranteed to keep you dry!
  • Shelter over front door and rear window
  • Ring & Pin Connections and C clips for quick and easy set up
  • 8.5 mm Fibreglass poles
  • Side mesh screens for ventilation and insect proofing
  • Front D door with barn style window
  • Taped seams, 1000mm proofed fly, 12 x 12 PE flooring
  • Door zip has bottom weather cover to keep rain out
  • Mesh gear pocket on real wall
  • Weight 3.5kg
213cm x  213cm x 120cm
Only RM320!!! for a brand new tent

Please email to

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Famous Bidor Parang (Machete)

What is outdoor adventure without some cool and awesome gadgets? Yes, with every adventure one has to be equipped in every aspect to make the journey a pleasant one. So our team of adventurer set out on a journey to find the best parang made in town.

After many ‘googling’, it was decided that the Bidor Parang Maker was the place to satisfy our needs. Chop Kwong Yuan Loong has made its name in the parang industry by providing good quality parang and they have been around for over 70 years!

Once a small scale shop now turned into a huge factory

The ‘Mini Showroom’ had a showcase of all parang and knives which are for sale

They even sell sharpening stones to make sure the parang can always be in good condition

The choices available can be very tempting, even to those who don’t need one

There is a Parang for everyone! Pick your choice, long or short? Heavy or light? Red or Blue?

Some even comes with a casing that is specially made for each parang. Safety first!

Okay enough about the awesome showroom now take a look at where the parang is made!

Before they are turned into useable parang, it starts from a normal metal rod 

The long metal rods are cut into pieces, shaped in the hot furnace followed by a lot of knocking and cooling down, and finally you get the handmade parang!

This trip has been a good experience to all the adventurers who set out on this journey to find the best parang. We bought a few parang for personal use, some bought small knives to be kept as souvenirs and all came up to a good bargain that nobody can resist.
If you are interested to get a feel of this very welcoming factory or to get some parang, knives, axes or sharpening stones, you may drop by the address stated below:

Chop Kwong Yuan Loong,
Lot 11295 Kawasan Perindustrian Bidor,
35500 Bidor, Perak Darul Ridzuan

Do contact Mr. Ming at 012-5371223 for more information or to get directions to the shop.
They are open from Mondays to Saturdays and closed on Sundays. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gunung Nuang December 2010

Gunung Nuang Camping 2days 1night School Holiday Package on December

   At the high of  1,493 metres (4898 ft) Gunung Nuang is the highest mountain in Selangor. Situated at the Titiwangsa mountains range, its peak borders at Pahang and Selangor state.

   Boosting a healthy ecosystem of flora and fauna, visitors will be able to enjoy the greenery of Malaysian rain forest as well as being rewarded with a breathtaking view on the peak of Gunung Nuang.  

   If you are looking forward to escape from the hectic city life and breath in some clean fresh air, look no further! 
This camping adventure will be your best weekend getaway to unwind and get in touch with mother nature.

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   OAM is offering on of the best deals around town, with experienced guides to ensure that your getaway is safe and fun! 

   So don't miss out on this chance to get acquainted with nature. Sign up now as places are limited.

Register at:

Or email us for information at:


大城市的生活压力让你喘不过气吗?想过个不一样的周末吗?想充实或挑战自己吗?欢迎参加我们的努昂山两天一夜露营配套努昂山(GUNUNG NUANG)坐落乌鲁冷岳呀吃冷岳水坝旁,海拔1千493.2公尺(4千899尺)是雪兰莪最高的山峰。

1 登山食物 (由导游搬运)
2 露营帐篷 (由导游搬运)
4 于Camp Pacat 留宿
6 瀑布戏水

1 一趟人数最少四人
2 时间为 
December 18 至19 
3 人数多于八人得10%折扣
4 登山者必须满16岁

配套仅 每位RM100!!


YY     012-9508809
Jane  012-9768519

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gunung Nuang November 2010

Gunung Nuang Camping 2days 1night package on November

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努昂山(GUNUNG NUANG)坐落乌鲁冷岳呀吃冷岳水坝旁,海拔1千493.2公尺(4千899尺)是雪兰莪最高的山峰。 想挑战自己?

1 登山食物 (由导游搬运)
2 露营帐篷 (由导游搬运)
3 友善登山导游
4 于Camp Pacat 留宿
5 登上努昂山顶峰
6 瀑布戏水

1 一趟人数最少四人
2 时间为 Nov 5-7, Nov 13-14, Nov 27-28
3 人数多于八人得10%折扣
4 登山者必须满16岁

配套仅 RM100!!


YY 012-9508809
Jane 012-9768519

Register link: